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Japanese Sushi Masterclass

Learn how to make sushi like the locals on this Japanese cookery masterclass.

(per person: class with expert chef, ingredients & equipment included, complimentary Japanese beers)


What is it?

Join Yupi a Japanese sushi chef from Osaka with experience of working in OKO, Nippon Kitchen and Yo Sushi in Glasgow on this Asian culinary experience. You will learn how to make 3 styles of sushi with a great variety of healthy and tasty ingredients. In addition to the above 3 dishes you will also have the opportunity to make miso and tofu soup and enjoy a demonstration of tempura and sweet rice cakes.

This is not just a cookery masterclass you can also even learn to write your own name or the name of your dish in Japanese.

Available at: The Cook School, Glasgow

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Number of people: 1
  • You must book a date for the course in advance.
  • Gift experience valid for one use only.
  • Candidates must bring their gift experience card to the course as payment.
  • The Academy reserve the right to refuse entry without a valid gift experience card.
  • Gift experience is valid only at Tennent's Training Academy.

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