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Thursday Nights Are Student Night

Know a student who's missing home cooking?

(per person)


What is it?

Our Student Night Cookery Masterclass will teach you how to create delicious home cooked meals including pasta sauces from scratch as well as homemade pizzas that will give any takeaway restaurant a run for their money in the taste department at a fraction of the cost.

Available at: Tennents Training Academy, Glasgow.

Terms & Conditions

  • Minimum Number of people: 1
  • You must book a date for the course in advance.
  • Gift experience valid for one use only.
  • Candidates must bring their gift experience card to the course as payment.
  • The Academy reserve the right to refuse entry without a valid gift experience card.
  • Gift experience is valid only at Tennent's Training Academy.

How It Works

buy your experience

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choose date and time

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